Wanneroo Road and Morley Drive Intersection Upgrade


Wanneroo Road and Morley Drive Intersection Upgrade

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Category: Civil
Completion: August 2022


Halo’s scope included supplying plant and labour resources to undertake:
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Detailed Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Pavement
  • Utilities

About the Project

Wanneroo Road and Morley Drive intersection is one of the most congested in Perth with more than 25,000 vehicles using the intersection daily. In the five-year period up until the end of 2020 there was a total of 192 reported crashes, 90 percent of which were rear end crashes.
Halo’s client, Highways Construction Pty Ltd were awarded the construction contract to deliver the upgrades, which include adding or extending traffic lanes on all four approaches to the intersection as well as installing new bus lanes.
The project included:
  • Shared through and left turn lanes on Wanneroo Road northbound and southbound;
  • Shared bus and left turn lanes on Morley Drive northbound and southbound;
  • Extended right turn lanes northbound and southbound on both Morley Drive and Wanneroo Road;
  • A staggered pedestrian crossing, providing safe refuge for riders and walkers across Morley Drive; and
  • Modifications to traffic signals on all approaches to increase efficiency, particularly during peak.
This $20 million Wanneroo Road and Morley Drive project was jointly funded, by the Australian and Western Australian governments committing $10 million each.
“Halo's exceptional services played a pivotal role in the successful and timely completion of the Wanneroo Road and Morley Drive intersection upgrade. Their professionalism and commitment to quality have made them a valued partner to Highway Construction Pty Ltd.”
Eugene O'Neill
Senior Site Supervisor - Highway Construction Pty Ltd

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