Our story

The Halo story.

Established in 2021, Halo Civil Engineering was formed by Peter Breen in response to the growing demand for high quality civil contractors in Western Australia and beyond.

Halo Civil Engineering is a West Australian-owned and operated civil construction company renowned for its flexible and innovated approach to delivering multidiscipline and complex infrastructure projects across various high compliance disciplines across Perth, remote and regional Australia.

Credibility through talent and experience.

Halo is a civil construction company with a difference. Halo has extensive experience working on civil and construction projects across Australia, in metro and rural Western Australia and internationally.

People are at the heart of everything we do. Halo’s founder Peter Breen believes that attracting and retaining the best people in the industry is the key to successful project delivery and client outcomes.

Our industry credibility gives us a competitive edge enabling us to source the best equipment and operators available and provide innovative engineering solutions.

We deliver flexible solutions for projects across our major services: Our leadership and overall teams are specialists in complex civil projects, with our core competencies being installations of earthworks, drainage, pavement, structures and utilities across metro, regional and remote Australia.

We deliver support and solutions for these projects across;

  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Wet & Dry Plant Hire
  • Civil Services
  • Rail Services
  • Noise Walls

Our vision

To advance the construction industry in service of our community.

Since ancient times, civil engineering has created the backdrop to the world we live in, connecting people to essential networks, their environments and to each other.

As our global and local population surges, and more demands are being made on our environments and resources, we at Halo Civil Engineering believe that we have a responsibility to inspire and lead our industry to prioritise quality, innovation and partnering with those committed to building a strongly connected world, today and tomorrow.

Our mission

At Halo our mission is to have exceptional people deliver successful projects while causing zero harm.

Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on our clients, our industry and the community we proudly serve.

To achieve our Vision, we focus our work and service deliveries to influence and inspire our industry to make a positive impact in the community – by creating a family-first workforce, going above and beyond, and leveraging technology to advance the industry.

Our values

Guiding Team Halo’s work and conduct is a set of values that we don’t compromise on:
  • Honesty & Integrity – we are committed to being authentic in all aspects of our working relationships and partnerships.
  • Teamwork – we place a high priority on the safety, wellbeing and development of our team members with a family-first workforce.
  • Innovation – we explore better, more sustainable ways of building a connected future.
  • Quality – we passionately and generously give our very best to everything we commit to doing for our clients

Meet the Team

Managing Director
Operations Manager
Strategic Advisor

Our giving culture

As the success of Halo grew, so did our ability to give back to the community. Our management team have always been inspired by the ways in which we as individuals, and organisations, can make a positive impact in the world.

In 2022 we joined B1G1, a global charity organisation that enables businesses to support meaningful projects. Halo have since pledged 1% of all our profit to this platform, something our organisation is incredibly proud of.

Halo are strong advocates for the UN Global Goals and our 1% pledge to B1G1 is directed to projects assisting these goals. Our donation is broken down into small quantifiable impacts, linking a regular business activity to a micro-impact and together, these micro-impacts create a real change in our world. Every time a client works with Halo, they are also helping with this contribution and important work.

For more information on B1G1 please visit www.b1g1.com

Join Team Halo

Our people and teams are our family. They are at the core of everything we do, and as such we place a high priority on the Halo family’s safety, wellbeing and professional development and aspirations.

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