Thornlie Cockburn Link Rail Blockade


Thornlie Cockburn Link Rail Blockade

Location: Glen Iris – Cockburn, Western Australia
Category: Rail
Completion: January 2022


Halo Civil provided the following during the longest blockade in PTA history:
  • Rail construction
  • Lay Ballast and Sleepers
  • Day shift and night shift
  • Mobilise nearly 100 people for the 20 day shift
  • Mobilise specialist equipment conduct the works
The ballast was laid using a ballast box and walking floor trailers. This greatly increased, the efficiency of the ballast laying operation while reducing ballast waste.
Halo Civil - Cockburn Link Rail Blockade

About the Project

The Thornlie-Cockburn Link will be Perth’s first east-west cross line connection, making travel more flexible while providing a higher level of public transport service to Perth’s south-eastern suburbs.
Connecting the Mandurah and Armadale-Thornlie lines will open new opportunities for longer-term developments around the new Nicholson Road and Ranford Road stations.
The Thornlie-Cockburn Link will support growth and accessibility across the south-eastern suburbs by providing direct access to employment and recreation opportunities while supporting about 1,680 jobs through the new stations and upgrades to the existing Thornlie, Cockburn Central and Stadium stations.
For 20 days between 26 December 2021 and 14 January 2022 the Mandurah rail line was blockaded (closed) between Glen Iris and Cockburn to reconstruct the Mandurah line tracks on a new alignment to make space for the future construction of the new Thornlie-Cockburn Link. This was the longest ever blockade of a PTA line and affected the busiest section of the network.
The works were successfully completed, and the line was handed back to passenger service on schedule at full line speed (130 km/h) and without operational restriction, the first time this has happened after a major blockade on the PTA network.
“Halo Civil supported NEWest Alliance for rail and civil plant and operators for the 20 day Blockade shutdown on Mandurah lines in the PTA network. The blockade is the biggest rail shut in WA history and was delivered on time with no injuries with trains running ready for use by the public when was promised. Halo Civil performed remarkably and supported the project at all times. The skill of their operators; quality of machinery and professionalism of management throughout the planning process and delivery of the project was of note and greatly appreciated. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Halo Civil for rail projects in future.”
Jim Turner
Area Manager (Track) NEWest Alliance

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