Coming soon: Halo’s E-Container

As part of our focus on green engineering solutions, Halo Civil Engineering is in the process of design and building solar powered containers for site use.

Once completed these E-Containers will be sent to our projects where it will provide an independent source of power and light for workers.

A commitment to greener construction

Green isn’t just a growing trend in the industry but across the world as the movement to protect our planet grow.

In our field of civil engineering there is definitely an opportunity to contribute to a greener way of doing our job, sometimes referred to as “green construction.”

Green construction can be defined as:

The construction of buildings and infrastructure to maximise employee health and productivity, using fewer resources, reducing waste and negative environmental impacts.

Practicing green construction includes many changes – big and small – to the construction process. These green construction methods can include:

  • Using more environmentally friendly building materials
  • Using newer and more fuel efficient equipment to burn less fuel
  • Source non-toxic chemicals to be used on site
  • Disposal of toxic materials in a thoughtful and safe way
  • Reducing waste as much as possible through processes like modular construction
  • Recycling materials such as construction debris, concrete, wood, etc. as much as possible

Here at Halo, we’re contributing to Green Construction with our E-Containers.

A deeper look into E-Containers

The first prototypes of our E-Containers are converted 10ft sea containers.

It is envisaged the containers will move with the work crews as the project progresses providing a place to store and charge tools.

This mobile store and power have been designed to save travel time from the work front to the project compound. Of course less vehicle travel is better for the environment. There is also the added bonus of efficiency and productivity contributions with the time saving element of our E-Containers.

Get in touch for more information

We are aiming for a release of our E-Containers early in 2022. If you would like more information in the meantime, please get in touch.